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Saturday, 30 July 2011

My first blog.

My name is Tanya. I am currently studying English Literature at the University of Portsmouth.
I've started up this blog because I feel that, although my degree has enriched me with literary knowledge, and that it has made me able to read books in a more critical manner, that this has impacted negatively on my capacity for creative writing, as well as my imagination.
This may sound rather absurd, yet I have felt this way from the first year of my degree. Instead of simply being able to read books for pure enjoyment as I used to, I notice that I'm always in the habit of analysing everything down to the smallest detail. It is very difficult to revert back to the way I used to read books.
I don't use the word 'revert' to make reading for enjoyment seem lesser. It isn't a lesser way of reading: far from it. To read purely for enjoyment is a wonderful thing.
I remember always having my own ideas for stories after reading in this manner. Maybe they weren't good ones, I've never been sure as I never allowed anyone to read them. But, at least I had ideas.
So now; with this blog, I want to finally share my creative side. As before mentioned, I feel that my creative writing isn't particularly brilliant, yet I look forward to any comments: positive or critical. Thank you for reading this, and I hope you enjoy my blog.

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